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Adept2014-10-18 21:57:46
Woke up and had to do another move (surprise!) this morning. Just got set up yet again. Got some details tomorrow to work out but will be on afterward.

Initial install of new game in place
Adept2014-10-10 17:18:17

Please feel free to login and post in village any ideas for the new and improved game. Commentary has been set to never expire. I will come up with a prettier solution later. I will copy over current names and titles and superuser accesses once you create a character.

Don't bother playing it other than maybe a little bit of a shake down of the new install if you like.

Thanks in advance!!!

Put on your thinking caps
Adept2014-10-09 20:39:44
I will be starting up another LotGD using the newest 1.1.2 codebase from Dragonprime after I get settled down from the move.

Please take note of any current RQ exclusive features that you like (or dislike) so that I can add them (or not) once I start.

I will set up discussion/request room for this later.


My whereabouts
Adept2014-10-09 19:56:49
I am in the middle of a move which should finish Monday or Tuesday. Internet access as well as my time to use it may be limited or non-existent at times. Even if you see me on I may not be able to respond to requests. Please talk to one of the other staff or petition any requests or issues to ensure that they will be seen.

New clan modules installed
Lord Straha2014-10-07 17:20:47
Clan Vault and DK Rewards

Player Alts
Adept2014-10-07 15:04:58
Just a reminder for new players. It is acceptable to have one alt. Alt being a second character played by the same person.

Restrictions are simple.
1. Don't hide the alt from staff.
2. Don't use it for any significant abuses

Hiding the alt from other players is completely acceptable.

Clan cleanup
Adept2014-10-07 14:20:04
Deleted 4 clans due to member inactivity.

Adept2014-10-06 20:57:11
Newday duration dropped to 1 hour and added a new day countdown to stat bar.


Another upgrade
Adept2014-07-23 22:50:03
Modified code to work with latest stable versions (PHP 5.5 and MySQL 5.6) for whenever my host decides to upgrade. Any errors please let me know.


PHP upgrade
Adept2014-07-08 22:04:48
Upgraded the site from PHP 5.2 to 5.3. I believe I fixed any issues caused by this. Please let me know of any other issues you may encounter.


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